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Introducing the Resource Center for Renters and Landlords

Meaningful climate action will require our collective effort, but the risks, barriers and needed resources to achieve ac...

- 2021-11-24

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Back to Net-Zero School!

As the new school year gets underway, it’s a great time to reflect on the role our schools play in the Watertown c...

- 2021-10-04

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5 Surprising Benefits of Urban Trees

Cities around the US are becoming less green. The Nature Conservancy reports that cities are losing about 4 million tree...

- 2021-09-01

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Working Towards a Resilient Region

Watertown is doing a lot on its own to combat climate change, but did you know that we also participate in multiple regi...

- 2021-07-19

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Having Positive Climate Conversations

Action on climate change will be most effective if we raise awareness of how important it is to our future wellbeing. Th...

- 2021-06-30

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Momentum is Building for Climate Action in Watertown – Get involved!

Since we have recently launched the planning process for Resilient Watertown, our Climate and Energy Plan, this is a gre...

- 2021-06-09

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The Bikes are Back in Town!

Hello Watertown!  May is Bike Month!Watertown supports biking, as an environmentally friendly, fun, and healthy mea...

- 2021-05-18

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Community Clean Energy in Watertown

In 2019, Watertown launched the Watertown Electricity Choice (WEC) program, in order to increase the amount of renewable...

- 2021-05-05

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New Year’s Resolution: Climate Change Edition

The Town of Watertown hopes you had a restful and safe holiday! With the busy holiday season behind us, we are left with...

- 2021-01-05