Buildings & Energy

From electrifying and retrofitting our homes and businesses to increasing the renewable energy in our grid, we can decrease Watertown’s contributions to climate change while also promoting healthy, livable, and affordable neighborhoods. Learn More

Ways to Save

From tips and utility sponsored rebates and incentives for energy saving measures, the Mass Save program covers everything from highly efficient appliances to deep energy retrofits to getting rid of an old refrigerator. Or you can opt up in Watertown Electricity Choice to ensure the energy you do use is a clean as possible!


Transportation & Mobility

From enhancing electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure to offering more and safer ways to walk and bike, we can decrease Watertown’s contributions to climate change while also promoting public health and wellness and a more connected, vibrant community.  Learn More

Transportation Resources

There are many transportation resources available to help residents and workers in Watertown reach their destinations in ways that are sustainable for the planet and promote a healthy and connected community.

Watertown Connector shuttle bus

Natural Resources

We have an opportunity to work with—not against—our natural systems to protect habitats, infrastructure, and public health, and it’s our responsibility to ensure that everyone in the Watertown community can access and enjoy these benefits. Learn More

Add Your Own Green Infrastructure

Everyone can be a part of building a literally greener Watertown by investing in the green space that is right around their home. Planting in a bare place or taking care of the trees and other plants around you can improve your surroundings and that of your neighbors.

pollinator garden

Infrastructure & Waste Management

From reducing our resource consumption to ensuring that infrastructure is helping to mitigate and enhance resilience to climate change, Watertown aims to ensure the critical services and infrastructure that keep the city running remain reliable and efficient. Learn More

Reduce Your Waste Stream

While the City is working to reduce our waste that gets sent to the incinerator, we need everyone playing their part to improve Watertown's performance.


Public Health and Preparedness

As climate change threatens to impact our health and well-being, we have a responsibility to improve our climate change preparedness and response, as well as provide accessible resources for physical, mental, and emotional health. Learn More

Public Health and Preparedness Resources

Take advantage of Watertown's many resources to help residents and businesses prepare for extreme weather events and improve health and well-being.