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Almost 50% of Watertown residents rent their home and the Town is committed to ensuring that all residents live in safe, comfortable, and efficient homes. Whether you rent, own, or manage rental housing in Watertown, these resources can help you lower utility bills and operation costs, identify funding for building upgrades, and support a resilient rental housing market that is fit for the future. Many of these resources are valuable for homeowners, too!

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How to Choose an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

Your energy bill doesn't have to go up while you cool down! To maximize your air conditioner's energy efficiency...

Constellation - 11-15-2021

Guide to Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment

Adopting electric vehicles (EVs) is critical for decarbonizing our transportation systems to lower emissions. More and m...

City of Somerville - 11-15-2021

Light Fixture Product & Rebate Finder

ENERGY STAR certified lighting products use up to 90% less energy and last up to 15 times longer than traditional models...

ENERGY STAR - 11-15-2021

ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder

Find rebates and special offers near you on ENERGY STAR certified products that meet strict energy efficiency standards....

ENERGY STAR - 11-15-2021

Green Building Certification Programs

Interested to see what it takes to get your rental property certified under green building standards? Check out this lis...

Energy and Environmental Building Alliance - 11-15-2021

Massachusetts Solar Marketplace

Installing renewable energy systems, like solar, on buildings in Watertown will help drive the transition to clean, carb...

Energy Sage & National Grid - 11-15-2021

Solar Calculator

Interested to see what you could save if you install solar panels? Use this easy Energy Sage calculator and get a free e...

Energy Sage - 11-15-2021

ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick

How does your property's energy use measure up to comparable buildings? By making buildings more energy efficient, y...

ENERGY STAR - 11-15-2021

Local Recycling Locator

Recycling has many benefits, from reducing stress on our solid waste systems to extending the life of usable materials. ...

Keep America Beautiful - 11-15-2021